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We Want Our 80s Back!

People often ask us why we live our lives like it's 1980-something.

The answer is quite simple... the 80s were AWESOME!!!

Everyone thinks the decade they grew up in is the best, but those of us who were raised in the 80s know it's true. The music was AWESOME, the hairstyles were BIG, and we had the TIME OF OUR LIVES.

Now we're all grown up and looking for ways to recapture the magic of the 80s.

So, until someone invents a time machine, we're bringing the spirit of the 80s to you. We're just a couple of 80s kids living our best life... AKA Our 80s Life!

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David E. Artman
David E. Artman
May 25, 2022

Fun! Remember that short-lived That 80s Show series? I really liked it, but it only ran one season. Anyway, toward the end, they put a listening room in the record store where the two main characters worked. This reminds me of that.

Replying to

I'm glad to have finally found someone else who likes That 80s Show. I don't think it got the appreciation it deserved.

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