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Awesome Holiday GIFT GUIDE for people who are stuck in the 1980s!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Remember the magic of Christmas as a kid back in the 1980s? You'd search through the Sears Wish Book and eagerly compile your list for Santa. Those were the good old days for sure! We'll be the first to admit we may be stuck in the '80s... and while we can't get those days back, we can get some of our awesome stuff back and enjoy the nostalgia of it all!

We were surprised and delighted to discover that many of our treasured items from childhood are still being produced. Some have been updated with new and improved versions while others are the same classic toys we know and love. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a nostalgic Gen-x grown-up or ready to pass the torch of awesomeness to the next generation, we've got you covered with our Awesomely 80s Holiday Gift Guide.


These markers smell as good as we remember!


This Magic Snake puzzle toy is still super cool!


This classic Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop is hilariously cute!


Wacky Wally still provides hours of wall-climbing fun!


The new version of Lite-Brite is better and brighter!


We love the original guessing game, but we also enjoy replacing the cards with our own characters. So fun!


These light-up Gyro Wheels are totally mesmerizing!


This classic fortune telling toy can help you make all of your important life decisions... just kidding, but it is fun!


Just add water for this exciting classic handheld game.


We're obsessed with these amazing instant pets!


We still love this action-packed board game!


Walking is so 2022. All of the cool kids travel by Hippity Hop!


Make your own bugs... it's creepy crawly fun!


This art set is perfect for aspiring young fashion designers.


Hydrophobic Sand is pure MAGIC!


This classic game will test your skills (and your patience!)


This little cutie hasn't changed a bit!


This early math game is still adorable and fun!


SURPRISE! You're getting puppies for Christmas!


These water snakes are still weirdly wonderful!


Can you still beat the clock before the pieces POP?


This one is a reproduction... but with over 600 games it's pretty impressive and probably the closest you can get to the original NES.


Rediscover your inner artist with this classic set.


These girls are back, and they smell like my childhood.


The Original DUNCAN Butterfly Yo-Yo is such a classic toy!


It's PAC-MAN unplugged, and we absolutely LOVE this board game!


It's your old friend Simon, and this classic game hasn't changed a bit.


And of course, the most iconic toy from the 1980s!


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