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80's Inspired Listening Lounge 🎶

We just completed our basement studio project, and we're thrilled with the newly updated space! Now we have a fun place to store, display, and listen to our growing 1980's vinyl collection, as well as an inspiring backdrop to record our podcasts and YouTube videos. With some small changes and bold new colors, this boring little-used nook has been transformed into the showpiece of our basement. The decorating style could best be described as mid-century charm meets 80's pop. But whatever you want to call it, we think it's totally awesome!



Check out this dramatic BEFORE & AFTER transformation!


We hope you've enjoyed seeing our little makeover project! If you're new to our site, we are just a couple of GenX kids living our best life... Our 80s Life! We try to inject the spirit of the awesome 1980s into our everyday modern life. If this appeals to you, please check out our vlogs at or follow us on the other social media platforms.

It's been a pleasure participating the the One Room Challenge. You can check out the other participants' spaces here:

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